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Window Tinting
Boston, MA

Window tinting is fairly inexpensive and has become one of our most popular services over the past couple years. The most common reason people have their windows tinted is for heat reduction purposes. How many times have you gotten into your car on a hot summer day and felt like you just opened an oven door? When using a quality brand tint, it can provide over 60% heat reduction and keep your vehicles interior much cooler in the summer months. A cooler interior means the air conditioning will not have to work as hard to keep the interior cool, not to mention more comfort for the occupants of the vehicle. When using your vehicles air conditioner, your MPG (miles per gallon) will most likely decrease due to the extra strain on the engine. With raising gas prices, you’ll be able to save a couple bucks by not having to use your air conditioning as often.

for all windows (except front windshield)

for all windows (except front windshield)

Tesla Model 3’s have an extra large rear window. Pricing starts at $450


Some of the other popular reasons people have their windows tinted is for the sleek, custom look it provides as well as privacy and protection from the sun. Window tint reduces glare and can block up to 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. There’s nothing worse than driving to work in the morning or whenever the sun is the strongest and you realize that you left your sunglasses at home. With tint applied to your side windows, it can greatly reduce the blinding glare from the sun when driving and prevents the nosy driver next to you in traffic from staring at you. With tint applied to the back window, it will help block out some of the light when you have that friendly tailgater in a huge SUV behind you with headlights brighter than Fenway Park shining in your rear-view mirror!

Unfortunately, cars are getting broken into more and more these days because almost everyone has a mobile phone, ipod or navigation unit that can easily be seen by thieves. With the darker appearance tint gives, it may save you from finding your side window smashed in the mall parking lot, since what thieves don’t see will usually be left alone. Another benefit of window tint that most people don’t realize is in the event of a car accident, tint can provide a functional “safety net” that can help shattered glass hold together helping to prevent it from spraying the inside of the vehicle with sharp splinters of glass. We feel that for the minimal cost of having your windows tinted, it provides many convenience and safety benefits compared to any other mods, which is why it has become one of our most popular services.

*We urge anyone interested in having their windows tinted to check local tint laws, since all states have different requirements.

SunTek ceramic window tint
UPGRADE TO A CERAMIC TINT for added heat reduction! – Call for pricing