Ceramic Coatings
Boston, MA

After testing various coatings on the market, CQuartz Finest and Ceramic Pro are our two favorites here at Unique Car Care! We are your number one source for Cquartz Finest and Ceramic Pro in Boston / Massachusetts (MA) and New Hampshire (NH).

One of the best ways to protect your cars finish is the application of a ceramic paint coating. Unlike traditional waxes that normally last only 2-6 months, ceramic coatings can easily last several years if properly maintained. Not only are ceramic coatings the longest lasting protection products on the market, but they make maintenance easier since debris won’t stick to it nearly as easy and cannot be washed off like normal waxes and sealants.

In addition to the extreme protection coatings provide, they also add a lot of gloss and clarity to the paint. The “glass” layer, protects all automotive surfaces from dirt, brake dust, bugs, bird bombs, tar, etc. and keeps your car cleaner for longer periods of time in-between washes. Unique Car Care is your source for ceramic paint coatings in Boston, MA.